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"Dr. Clara Wajngurt has been a lifeline for me during the trials I have endured as a result of academic bullying and harassment. As a junior faculty member, I had a great deal to learn about academic freedom and how to protect myself against intimidation in the workplace. Dr. Wajngurt has always been available to me as an advisor and as a knowledgeable and strong support system"


"I have become sensitive to the issue of workplace bullying for quite some time. What really did it, was a friend who worked as a college accountant and who was isolated, disrespected and ostracized for quite some time at the College. I had already seen  tenured faculty  putting down untenured faculty of lower rank and chairpersons severely criticizing their faculty.It was enough that I was a bystander and felt paralyzed to speak up in my college environment, for fear I too would be criticized and ostracized.I decided that by not speaking up-I would be prolonging the incidence of bullying on campus.This is my quest as I work on this project and it is now time to speak up and to face reality as we try  to eradicate workplace bullying everywhere."

"Dr. Clara Wajngurt was enormously helpful when I was experiencing workplace bullying. She was able to validate that what the department chair was saying and doing was indeed bullying. She gave me language to better articulate the situation. I hope no one faces bullying, but if you do, you will need expert advice. I highly recommend that you reach out to Dr. Wajngurt. Her knowledge is extensive and guidance invaluable."


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