• Clara Wajngurt

Workplace Violence and Disabilities

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

In a recent article, 'Disabled Employees More Likely to be Attacked and Bullied at Work' (2013) we find that employees with disabilities are twice as likely to be attacked at work than those who claim not to be disabled.

In fact, a research study included responses to interview questions given to 3,979 people where 284 of the respondents claimed to have a disability or long-term illness. Out of the 284 respondents the following was derived: 10.5% suffered "physical violence at work" compared with 4.5% of those who did not have a disability nor long-term illness. 7.4% said they were "injured at work" as a result of acts of aggression from colleagues compared with 3.5% of those who did not have a disability nor long-term illness. 12.3% said they had been "humiliated or ridiculed at work" compared with 7.4% of people without disabilities nor long-term illness.
24.3% said "they had been insulted at work" compared with 14.3% of people without disabilities nor long-term illness. 34.5% said they had been "shouted at", compared with 23.1% of people without disabilities nor long-term illnesses.

These figures are inexcusable and the problem is we don't respect one another at work. The bigger problem is that one thought that workplace violence was causing disabilities and health problems (which it does and most recently saw affects of cardiovascular disease) but this shows the other way around as well, suggesting that workplace violence tends to occur more to  those with disabilities and health problems. How do we stop this unending cycle?

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