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Workplace Hazards - Who Is Responsible?

I went to an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) workshop the other day. We learned about Workplace Safety and Health Hazards. 

They include the following:

1. General Safety Hazards - falling, working with sharp objects, slipping, fire hazards,etc.

2. Biological Hazards - mold fungus,infectious diseases, like tuberculosis, coronavirus, insects,etc.

3. Ergonomic Hazards - lifting (heavy boxes), back strain, standing all day,maintaining awkward postures,etc.

4. Psychological/Stress Hazards - heavy workloads, long work hours,violent colleagues,workplace violence,etc.

5. Chemical Hazards - existence of lead, asbestos,formaldehude,


6. Physical hazards - noise,,poor lighting,lack of ventilation,poor temperatures,etc.

Workplace bullying falls under psychological hazards.It is important for our workplaces to prevent accidents, and to protect the health and safety of our colleagues.


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