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Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture (Entrepreneur, 2019) sets the tone for your organization. It includes how your colleagues relate to one another, how businesses are run, whether the climate is toxic or not, and how comfortable people feel.

Some points about workplace culture:

1. When building the culture at your company, lead by example, define your values and have a purpose  or goal about how you want to accomplish what you need.

2. The culture of your organization should be aligned with your basic beliefs and goals of the organization.

3. Build trust and encourage team building by maintaining feedback with your colleagues. Establish a working collaborative environment.

4. Keep a balance between positive and negative emotions. Engage in conflict resolution and acknowledge mistakes and move forward.

5. Bring everyone to the table-so that diversity and inclusion are honored. Encourage civility in your organization.

A productive workplace culture will reduce workplace bullying.


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