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Workplace Bullying in the European Union

In the European Union there is no uniform definition of workplace bullying or harassment 

(Vartia - Vaananen, 2013). However, most researchers and people who work with this issue have a couple of commonalities that go with workplace bullying:

  • Negative acts that may cause psychological harm

  • Direct and indirect behaviors focused on a target or many targets

  • Work-related, person-related and social exclusion

  • Repeated and frequent

  • Long duration

  • Power imbalance making it hard to defend oneself 

In the  2010, Fifth  European Working Conditions Survey  conducted by the European Foundation - 48,316 people were surveyed (about 1000 per country, 34 countries across Europe) on this issue of workplace bullying and here are some results.

Exposure to bullying or harassment was most common in:

France 9.5%

Belgium 8.6%

Netherlands 7.7%

Luxemburg 7.2%

Austria 7.2%

Finland 6.2%

Latvia 5.5%

Ireland 5.5%

Bulgaria 0.6%

Poland 0.7%

Italy 0.9%

Slovakia 1.2%

Turkey 1.3%

We can see unfortunately that workplace bullying is universal.


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