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Workplace Appurtenances That Contribute To An Effective Climate

Let's think about your boss-is your boss destroying your attitude and mood? We have seen research that is described in the book Dying for a Paycheck by J. Pfeffer that stressful  U.S. workplaces account for 120,000 unnecessary deaths a year (Vozza,2019). A boss sets the tone in your workplace---and when the boss seems overly controlling, untrustworthy -- you become stressed and sometimes you don't even know that you're internalizing the stress.

If your boss creates a toxic environment-it might be time to look for a new job. But sometimes we can't afford to look for a new job---see if you can make certain changes in your behavior and lifestyle.

Focus on the positive aspects of your workplace-maybe some of the projects you are doing will help you focus on new career goals.
Instead of choosing bad behaviors (like eating ice cream or greasy, fatty foods) counterbalance the stress by doing an activity you enjoy or that relaxes you like jogging or walking.
Take vacations consistently so you relax and get a break.

You will never control the boss who is contributing to the toxic workplace but you can control how you respond to stress.


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