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Why Does Bullying Happen In the Workplace?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

There are many factors that contribute to workplace bullying:

First, when the organizational culture is a positive one-this encourages its members to work and respect others. However, when the climate is a negative one, inappropriate behaviors exist and workplace bullying is seen as normal behavior. Often a person in your department uses their position of #power over those who are perceived to be weaker. In this case, the bullying becomes dependent upon the perceived power of the bully over the victim. Sometimes people bully others because the target is perceived as a #threat to the bully or to the bully's position within the department. When the target is seen as #different in some way-the target becomes the object of bullying behavior in a negative environment. Bullies often put down others to increase their own #self-esteem and confidence which helps the bully deal with personal feelings. Again in a negative climate this is only a facade. We need to educate our organizations to recognize why bullying happens and its consequences.


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