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What To Know Before Accepting a Job Offer?

You get an interview and you are excited you are accepted for the job.But there are several things you must check before you accept a job offer:

1. Company Culture - how do you describe it? what is the vision of your organization? How do co-workers treat each other/how do they interact?

2. The People - do they seem friendly to you? can you pick up if they are ethical? Have you read company reviews?

3. Your Responsibilities - is the head of the hiring team telling you explicitly what your role will be? How does the job description match your role? Will you have a personal life with this job? Will I be bored at this job?

4. Expectations - are there reachable targets and goals on your job or do you get unrealistic workloads.

5. Opportunities - what happened to the last person who held this position? Is the culture competitive? Where do you expect me to be in five years?

6. Training - will I be trained if i cannot do a procedure-what kind of support do I have?

7. Salary and Benefits - try to negotiate especially if you have prior experience

8. Job Commute - if it takes me a long time to get to my job-I may be tired, non functioning.

Try to determine these points by asking others on the job or with those who previously left, or at your interview, in order to increase your job satisfaction and decrease any malaise.


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