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What To Do When Your Conversation Turns Negative With Your Supervisor?

You are talking to your boss who is making recommendations about a project you are doing.Then you are not sure what your boss just said, and you don't know what to do. Should you admit that you didn't follow what the boss said? If you say you don't know-you have a fear that he might belittle you or put you down somewhat akin to bullying.

What are some options you have? There is an R-list of 'categorized tactics' to help you deal with this situation (Reardon, 2016): Reframe the issue from a different perspective-like I know you are always

good at what you are doing. Rephrase the words in a less judgmental way like-someone accuses you of speaking too aggressively-respond by saying I am very passionate about what I say. Restate by saying 'there must be another way to say this' or 'did you mean what I heard.' Revisit by using a successful project performed in the past-you know we work well together. Request by asking questions-would you clarify what you just said? Rebalance by reaffirming the boss' power-well ..things like this don't offend me easily. Reorganize by changing the priority of the conversation--focus on the process, by saying we seem to agree about the situation, but how is this carried out. By using these strategies you can avoid bullying and move ahead with your workplace goals.


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