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What To Do If Your Child Is a Bully

If your child is the one who bullies - think about whether your child shows the following characteristics (Pacer Center, 2015):

Quick to blame others or unwilling to accept responsibility
Lack empathy and compassion for others
Was your child bullied themselves?
Have poor social skills?
Has a need to be in control?
Frustrated, anxious or depressed?
Tries to fit in with his peers that encourage bullying

If your child is a bully:

Talk to your child, if your child does bully, explore reasons for this behavior
Develop a strategic action plan
Teach your child empathy and compassion to others
Teach your child clear and consistent consequences to bullying
Teach by example
Role play with your child bully versus target
Always provide positive feedback

If we can stop child bullying we can hopefully stop more adult bullying.


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