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What To Do If You Are Bullied?

If you are being bullied-what kind of action can you take?

1. Check: to see if your organization has a Workplace Bullying Policy or  Complaint Process. Look in any workplace handbook or newsletter for new employees or in any in-house newsletter. Complaints should be incorporated if one confirms they resolve issues quickly in a conciliatory way. 2. Seek Advice: Go to an office that deals with allegations of workplace bullying-Office of Grievance of Human Resources or Union Official or similar. 3. Keep Records: Make detailed records of what happened (place, time, date, persons involved and persons present, what was said, and what was done). This information is needed to ensure accuracy of records and events or in the case of a more formal investigation. 4. Approach the Bully: If you feel safe and comfortable, make it clear to the bully that such behavior will not be tolerated. If you don't say anything, the behavior may get worse. If it is better, approach the bully with a Grievance Officer or similar person with a comparable title. Another possibility is to have the Grievance Officer or similar such person to approach the bully on your behalf and to mediate a  face-to-face discussion with the bully whose resolution is acceptable to you. 5. Use Counseling Services: If your workplace offers free, confidential services use this or your Human Resources Office may be able to advise you where to go for further information and assistance on how to deal with this situation. If this informal investigation is not working out you may need a formal investigation in the case where allegations are more serious, there has been less favorable treatment or actual physical or psychological harm.


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