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What Kind of People Do I Work Best With?

It is really a fact that one works best with people who behave collegially. They can be as smart as possible, but if they have an attitude and behave disrespectfully to their colleagues, one finds it difficult to team up with such people on a collaborative project. It doesn't matter how smart they are.

A great reward is to work with people who help you to grow professionally. When one works with supportive colleagues and supervisors, one seeks new ways to solve problems often in unfamiliar situations. With a team that works in a cooperative manner, one can take risks and pursue initiatives, that are exciting---you work with a purpose, and explore different avenues. So if I need to implement new systems, or adjust current existing models at my organization, or whatever my assignment is---I do this hopefully with a compassionate and understanding manager behind me. When my manager is not compassionate and understanding, and has poor social skills, there will be problems for everyone in the department.


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