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What Kind of Boss Do You Have?

Recently I read a quote: "it is better to have a good boss in a bad company, rather than a bad boss in a good company.."

Have we heard of this quote?

One can tell immediately, whether your boss is good, by how they treat other colleagues.

Is your boss a person who is overbearing, louder than usual, constantly angry and  #controlling, #over-competitive, #micromanaging, #sabotaging and #critical?

Or is your boss a person who is trustworthy, reliable, one who stands up for colleagues, listens and communicates effectively, and a team leader? Does your boss respect your comments and suggestions?

The #overbearing boss will more likely than the the supportive boss, promote workplace bullying and the supportive boss will decrease #workplace #bullying.

How can you tell before you agree to take your job, what kind of boss you will have. At the interview observe the team players and interviewers. Listen carefully to questions and comments during the interview. At least perhaps you will then pick up attitudes and approaches of your  prospective colleagues, by listening carefully to what is going on.

What do you think?


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