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  • Clara Wajngurt

Unproductive workplaces need to be on the Decline

Best practices in the workplace are always emphasized. If managers and supervisors concentrate on improving best practices-it will be more effective to increase employee productivity and subsequently decrease workplace bullying.

So let's look at eliminating conditions that contribute to having an unproductive workplace (McDonald, 2019):

Be sure your colleagues have the space and resources to  perform their optimum levels of work.
Make sure technology is up-to-date and employees can handle it.
Productive workplaces have sufficient lighting.
Take a look and determine what is not working effectively in the office-too much gossip and no work-- do your colleagues have easy access to communicating with the manager, etc. Is the working environment comfortable? i.e., heating/AC sufficient, chairs and tables sturdy, etc.
Is the workplace culture toxic?
Is the manager supportive? Are colleagues civil?

Let's defeat these six instances of workplace idleness and increase workplace productivity.


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