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University Expels Student After Three Sexual Assault Allegations

Recently it was discussed that  a Marshall University student was found responsible for sexual assault in 2016, cleared on appeal, and allowed to return to campus in 2017. Afterwards he committed two more sexual assaults to other women, off campus in 2018.

The  woman who initially accused this student of sexually assaulting her, claimed that Marshall University did not do enough to keep her safe on campus. In fact during the three month investigation and appeal process, the fact that the student who committed the sexual assault was still on campus, forced the woman to leave Marshall University.

Marshall University officials claimed they followed the  proper protocols and due process, and did everything they needed to do.Then the university learned about the two assaults committed off campus  a year later, several months after the victims reported these assaults, from this same student, to the police.

Finally Marshall University has expelled the student this June (Chronicle of Higher Education, July 5,2019).

But the question remains could the university have made their environment more safe for all students so that these assaults could have been stopped altogether?


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