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Toxic Workplaces are High-Stress Environments

How do you tell if your workplace is toxic? (Ayaz, 2019, The Startup). Consider the following tips-assuming some of these pointers are working together in unison:

1. People on the job are condescending to co-workers who are 'below term'and the 'higher-up' employees treat junior employees with scorn.
2. Your boss compares your work to your colleagues' work. This can encourage negative competition, as people view each other's work with disdain.
3. Your success is totally dependent on your boss.
4. You can't balance your job with your home-life as you are constantly checking your emails from your job 24/7.
5. You can't ask your boss for a vacation or time off as your time off revolves around your manager's schedule.
6. There is a constant fear of being laid off.
7. Your manager controls you -no lunch hour, imposed dress code, and no flexibility hours on the job.
8. There is a high turnover rate on your job as employees are constantly leaving.
9. Someone else in your department takes credit for your work.
10. In this toxic high-stress environment it sounds like yelling is acceptable.

Do we really need to work in environments that are the seeds of workplace bullying?


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