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Toxic Workplaces Are Exaggerated by the Appearance of COVID19

Let's revisit the toxic workplace. It is a workplace 'marked by significant drama and infighting where personal battles with others often harm one's productivity.' When our colleagues spread false rumors, or we work with unsupportive colleagues who make us feel anxious and threatened, this contributes to the toxic workplace.

Now let's insert the COVID19 atmosphere into our environments and workplaces.Your office colleague comes to the office and starts sneezing and coughing. People are in pandemic mode-- and we need to immediately know if our jobs have back-to-work health and safety policies, which address the coronavirus pandemic. If no policy exists, we find ourselves fighting with our sneezing and coughing colleagues, creating a toxic and bully-prone workplace. We become afraid of infection-and think we might get sick...and the colleague who sneezes, experiences social isolation and ostracism.

It is important to maintain mental health in one's workplace. Before the COVID19 outbreak, people would come to work with a cold or feeling sick--and be on medication.Now there is more sensitivity to this situation.The pandemic mode has exaggerated the toxic workplace. If someone who is sick comes to work now, there can be a liability issue, where there is a fear of infecting everyone on the job.

It is important to raise morale and productivity at your workplace. It would help to have supportive colleagues around you. 

Stay home if you feel sick. Perhaps you can ask your supervisor,  if you can work from home. Be sure to have policies in place at work-that protect our environments and keep our employees safe and healthy.

We can overcome this pandemic!!!


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