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Toxic Workplaces and Unethical Leadership

An article by Leah Hollis, a noted national and international expert on #workplace #bullying, recently wrote an article on The Abetting Bully: Vicarious Bullying and Unethical #Leadership in Higher Education. #Vicarious bullying 'occurs when the organization fails to curtail managerial abuse.'

In order to have ethical leadership-we must have empathy and genuine care of our colleagues. If this existed, there would occur fewer 'primary bullies, secondary abetting and vicarious bullying.' An ethical leader would develop 'conscientious'  policies and promote a healthy workplace environment.

However, when 'executive leadership is #unethical, #narcissistic and self-aggrandizing,'we have the promotion of a toxic workplace. The #toxic workplace does not only arise form one primary bully and one target-but arises from a series of 'callous and deleterious' behaviors, that help promote a primary bully. We need to stop these toxic workplaces and promote more ethical leadership.


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