• Clara Wajngurt

Toxic Leadership

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Gillian Flynn describes the toxic manager as a 'manager who  bullies, threatens and yells. A manager with mood swings can set the climate of the office.There is back stabbing, belittling going on, constantly. It can be whatever you want-- poor interpersonal skills, poor office behavior--the problem is if we work for such a person it can make life intolerable. Such mangers puts their own needs first, micro-manage  and the dysfunctional behavior of such  bosses inflict serious harm on their colleagues.Sometimes it is hard to tell whether your manager's behavior is toxic-it could even be a soft-spoken manager too, but the climate that ensues in the office is demoralizing and causes the organization to be ineffective. Colleagues are dissatisfied and are not dedicated to the goals of the organization.There is mistreatment, unfair promotion systems, lack of recognition and many ethical conflicts.

Can you identify with this toxic environment?

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