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Tips For Staying Lucid In A Toxic Environment

The following describes ten tips for staying sane in a toxic work environment(Hufflington Post, February 18,2016):

1. Don't Take Work Home With You - set a rule for yourself that you don't talk about your job at home

2. Do You Have Someone You  Vent To? - having a support system is very essential.

3. Look For Positive Thoughts About Your Job - if you've lost motivation, think about professional development opportunities that can move your career interests forward.

4. Create An Exit Strategy - even if you are not leaving immediately think about the time you will leave and what you will do anyway.

5. Establish Boundaries--don't come in early nor stay late-don't work on weekends nor work from home.

6. Create A Positive Work Space-have photos or quotes around your work space to remind yourself that your job is not everything.

7. Be True To Yourself - sometimes you sacrifice time to function in a toxic environment-change only if you really want to.

8. Find Outlets For Stress Relief During The Day --if tomorrow  is not the day you quit-find ways like going for a walk, exercising-anything that helps you decompress from the stress on the job.

9. Focus On The Facts Not On The Stories - stay away from gossip-be grounded in reality.

10. Clear Up Misunderstandings Right Away - do not let problems increase or intensify


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