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Thinking About Improving Workplace Diversity

Diverse teams are necessary in our workplaces today for making challenging and competitive decisions. However, many companies are still not adapting to a diverse workplace climate. Why?

1. Certain ethnic groups and age groups as well, are being excluded from certain work assignments by managers and supervisors

2. Certain organizations lack priority in determining strategic goals. It is with prioritization of goals and objectives that diverse perspectives can be heard.

3. Women and minorities are being separated from decision-making roles.

4. Organizations are just afraid of change, and insist on staying with their power bases. Hence the organizations stick to antiquated leaders and workplace cultures. We need to develop organizational cultures that foster innovative thinking. This means greater collaboration within and amongst teams, so that our colleagues are nurtured to think in inventive ways that will hopefully encourage increased diversity. Diversity will then positively impact on workplace bullying--so why not create this environment of diversity!

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