• Clara Wajngurt

The Transformation of Title IX

I recently read an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by R. Shep Melnick (February 8,2019, page A6), a professor of American politics at Boston College.'

In particular R. Shep Melnick has written a book on The transformation of Title IX (Brookings Institution Press), in which civil rights officials have' wielded the gender-equity law, in order to upend gender stereotypes, and define sexual harassment in a very broad way. He claims that although there is continued discrimination of women, there are instances where there is discrimination of men. In fact, Title IX needs to be revisited since sexual harassment issues have shifted in the last 20 years, and gender identity has been perceived and developed in other ways than when Title IX was enacted.

When the Title IX was created in 1972, the proportion of women working in higher education was different than it is today. Undergraduates of colleges then consisted of about 40% women and 60% men and now these statistics are 'flipped.' In fact 'men are really falling behind.'
More effort should be made to have men enter 'female fields' like psychology, elementary education, etc.There are cultural forces in play now--and now Title IX training should adjust to the times.

Sometimes sexual harassment issues turn to workplace bullying and most important we want bullying issues to be resolved appropriately. 

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