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  • Clara Wajngurt

The Glass Ceiling and the Glass Floor

With respect to ageism, the 'glass ceiling' limits the entry and mobility of both men and women in both predominantly gender-defined jobs, as well as in jobs which are perceived to be age-related. But this can be a perception of those who are on the  hiring team, and their concern that 'older' candidates are too experienced.

Similarly we have  the 'glass floor' which occurs when invisible floors limit the entry of  those into traditional jobs for example,  male-dominated work and female-dominated work should be removed so that everyone of any age can move freely into these jobs.

This also occurs when the hiring committee feels that a younger person only is needed for the job as well.

Human rights issues and issues of dignity do not diminish with age. Stand up for yourself, keep the bullies away and eradicate ageism.


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