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The Bullying Prevention App

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Last year I attended the International  Bullying Prevention Association meeting and I spoke to one of the exhibitors who was selling an anti-bullying app!

Specifically, Speak-Up is a company that provides schools the opportunity to prevent abuse and bullying on and off the internet. Their anti-bullying app has students report bullying incidents anonymously through the students' web or phone app. This app will not only help the targets of bullying and cyber

bullying, but it also empowers bystanders who have observed bullying incidents around the school to become 'upstanders' by speaking up and standing up for the one who has been bullied.

This is how it works-Sally opens her app on her phone or tablet and wishes to report to the school administration whaat she has experienced or witnessed. Sally attaches a photo of the incident if she desires. This is optional. She describes the incident, and if Sally so chooses to report the incident anonymously-she checks the box 'Report Anonymously.' 

Then Sally clicks 'Send" and the message is sent to an administrator at her school. The school's name and address are already embedded as they have bought this app . The Administrator views the report from Sally's inbox and hopefully takes appropriate action. 

How effective is this process? What do you think?


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