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Terminology For Understanding Workplace Bullying in Higher Education

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Workplace Bullying in Higher Education is significant to understanding organizational climate and behavior.There are many challenges to addressing incivility in a university environment.Some of these challenges deal with the interrelationships between faculty, staff and administration. In order to better understand this, there are some definitions we need to consider:

Workplace Bullying (Namie and Namie) is the repeated, health harming mistreatment of an employee by one or more employees through acts of commission or commission that are manifested by verbal abuse, physical or nonverbal behaviors that are viewed as threatening, intimidating, humiliating, sabotaging and exploiting. or some combination of one or more of these categories.

Target (Namie and Namie) identified the victim of bullying  as a target who is the recipient of unwanted bullying. Very often there is an expressed fear  and helplessness to discuss opinions about their situations with others.

Harassment (Hegranes, 2014)is an illegal abuse of civil rights...workplaces are bound by law to enforce protections to protected classes and to take appropriate actions against violators. Peer Review is a process by which faculty and staff engage, in order to advise the university regarding which faculty and staff are eligible for appointment, promotion or tenure.

Academic Freedom (AAUP,1940) protects the rights of professors to conduct research and present subject matter in their classrooms without fear of retribution.

Tenure is a title that faculty and staff earn through their demonstration of exceptional performance in teaching, research, scholarship, and service to their university. In order to understand the culture of bullying at an institution the structure of the university system itself and these terms must be understood.

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