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  • Clara Wajngurt

Teachers Need To Recognize Toxic Environments

Sometimes teachers get so involved in their jobs of reaching out to students, preparing their lessons and doing staff work, that they lose sight of whether they work in toxic environments (TeachOn, 2017).

So let us think about whether some of these factors exist in your work environment:

  • Do you trust most of your colleagues?--do you think many of your colleagues are back stabbers-gossipping and/or tattling about you to defame your reputation?

  • Do you trust your administration at your school?--do your administrators put teachers down,sabotage their efforts, use unruly language,not welcome feedback when you want to talk about policies and procedures at the school?

  • Have you stopped growing as a professional at your school? Do you care about moving upward  on the professional ladder at your school? Do you feel appreciated?Do you feel like your suggestions have no impact?

  • Are you bitter about everything and many of your colleagues know about your bitterness? When you started you were excited about assessing data, looking for new ways to teach concepts and revamping your curriculum-so you became vocal about some of the initiatives you suggested? Do you think your colleagues are listening to what you have to say?

  • Do you find you are working constantly and you do overtime work? Are you getting frustrated about your job?Is this affecting your family life?

  • Do you have trouble enjoying your out of work experiences-not reaching out to your family enough? Feeling down when you get home?

  • Do you feel like nobody at work is standing up for you? Do you feel it is difficult to work with students? Administrators are not helping to restore a sense of security for their teachers?

  • Do you find that you are reacting to stress in your environment? You feel tired? Do you have aches and pains you never had before? Are you feeling depressed? Do you feel like you don't even want to go to work some days?

Please  make adjustments to improve the quality of your life if you are feeling any of these thoughts. You want to work in healthy and productive work environments, and for sure teachers can feel when such concerns happen.


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