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Taking Charge of Your Mental Health During a Pandemic

Pandemics can be stressful-especially when one has fear and anxiety about an unknown disease and this causes intense emotions in everyone. In response to possibly contracting the disease, social distancing can make one feel isolated and lonely and this too increases stress and anxiety. 

According to Medscape (Frankl, 2020), over the last two months, more than half of Americans have experienced some negative effects caused by stress, which is related to the COVID10 pandemic. What are some of these effects? 

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation a sample of 1,313 individuals, in July 2020 claimed they:

a. suffered from sleep problems (36%)

b. showed poor appetite or overeating (32%)

c. exhibited frequent headaches or stomach aches (19%)

d. had temper control issues (18%)

e. showed an increase in alcohol or drug use (12%)

f.  suffered from one or more of these symptoms. 

As a result the pandemic is taking an effect on overall mental health ,and we need to find immediate ways to cope with stress in a healthy manner:

  • Contact a health professional if you start treatment for COVID19

  • Learn about support services and available resources

  • Take breaks from watching the news 

  • Take care of yourself by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep

  • Find activities and hobbies that will help you unwind

  • Connect with people you trust, on the phone and by video, etc.

By taking care of yourself, your mental health and well-being will be less prone/sensitive to those who bully or who show negative behaviors especially in times of stress. 


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