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Suggested Workshop To Address Workplace Bullying Prevention in a Hospital Environment

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I will suggest an educational program to be conducted for nurses and all health professional at any hospital in order to ensure the environment is free of workplace bullying. This should be used as a framework to  decrease bullying in the hospital environment and to meet on a monthly basis to assess how this course is being implemented.

There are basically eight modules for consideration:

1. What is Bullying-definition and basic background of bullying in the nursing/health care workplace

2. Negative Behaviors of the Bully-vary from personal attacks, attempts to decrease ones confidence, competence or reputation, attacking a target during their on call work time.

3. Analyze  Power Imbalance from Bully to Target-how is this described within the hierarchy of  the hospital work environment.

4. How Long Are These Negative Behaviors Exhibited

5. What Are The Effects Of Such Behaviors-poor quality of  patient care, turnover rates, etc.

6. What Are The Psychological Effects On the Target

7. What Are The Physical Effects On The Target

8. What To Do When Bullying Occurs Or is Witnessed-create a bullying prevention policy if the hospital doesn't have one, role-play on a monthly basis communication techniques to reduce bullying and make this mandatory for all personnel.

What do you think?

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