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Suggested Practices in Bullying Prevention

Bullying in the schools is on the rise. We need to continue to find strategies that describe best practices in bullying prevention:

Here are some ideas:

1. Find a a group of interested staff-administrators, a nurse, counselors, teachers who could coordinate the school's bullying prevention activities.

2. Form a student group that can motivate other students to work on bullying prevention.

3. As an administrator or teacher,  think about changing the school's climate so that students who are bullied are defended--and those who bully are helped.

4. Get parents involved so they know what efforts are being done by the school to encourage bullying prevention activities.

5. Train staff on bullying prevention-so they recognize bullying when it occurs and they know what to do about it when it happens.

6. Enforce school bullying policies, i.e., establish a behavior code of ethics and insure that it is implemented and checked. Develop clear rules so that everyone knows what to expect when bullying occurs.
7. Have teachers arrange during class time, activities that deal with bullying prevention like devoting class time to discussing peer relations with students, or what it means to bully.

If we follow some of these suggestions, we hope that bullying will decrease in the schools.


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