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  • Clara Wajngurt


Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Generally when workplace bullying occurs it is an issue whose solution requires the efforts of a majority of all the workers. After all when someone in your department is bullied it affects everyone-the target, the people who are bystanders, as well as the manager/supervisor who leads the department.

Even though we generally look to the leader for solutions, workplace bullying is most probably solved  by the expression of a collective voice, as Leah Hollis implies in her article on Preventing Workplace Bullying(2018). And she quite correctly looks at how social change has occurred in our  environments. Although Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Susan B. Anthony and others, represented social change agents, and were individually inspirational and dynamic, these leaders could not have effected change by themselves.Each leader worked with a supportive community behind them.

It is the same with workplace bullying. If we are to consider to eradicate workplace bullying from our working environments, it is significant to 'bring voices together' so that we not only create anti-bullying policies, but insist on the execution and accountability of these workplace bullying policies and statements of civility and collegiality.

Can this apply to your workplace environments?

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