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Sometimes You Can't Tell Your Workplace is Toxic

The article 8-Easy-to Miss Signs Your Workplace is Toxic' (2019) implies if we work in a toxic workplace, one can often see apparent signs such as--lack of appreciation from your manager for the work you have done, minimal accountability for assignments, irritable boss, colleagues feeling bored and un-involved.

Sometimes though the signs of a toxic workplace are not as obvious--and are more subtle. Managers and bosses need to recognize these subtle signs, so something can be done immediately to tackle these issues.

Here are some examples:

  • You find out what people really think of decisions reached at the staff meeting--after the meeting. During the meeting almost everyone is silent. After the meeting colleagues huddle amongst themselves to really tell one another what they thought about the meeting.

  • Do you have a situation where your arrogant boss talks and talks about what needs to be done-and none of the staff members dare to interrupt him/her?

  • Boss only promotes certain people-and promotion is not based on background nor performance.

  • Do your colleagues talk about whether goals are being met, timelines are being observed--is there an underlying fear of failure and doom if we are not successful in keeping these goals? Or do people discuss collaboration on projects, teamwork and coaching one another?

  • Do you have people around you who don't smile, don't laugh, don't talk to one another inside and outside the office?

  • Do you find people who don't perform for the given project-basically don't put in any work for an assignment-- are not confronted?

  • Do you find nobody cares to ask for your input?

  • Do you know the vision for your workplace?

If you can identify with any of this - you're probably working in a toxic environment that could potentially become rife with workplace bullying. Let us open up our eyes and change our approach to our jobs.


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