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  • Clara Wajngurt

Social Distancing and Its Relationship to Bullying

With the Coronavirus around us, social distancing has been most highly recommended. This means social isolation from others becomes part of our routine. As a result, social distancing can cause a high degree of anxiety and panic for many people, as loneliness reinforces that we stay away from others. We are in general a group that wants to socialize and keep in touch, both at home and at work.

It is important to reduce the negative emotional impact that social distancing can promote (Cirbus, 2020) and to accentuate the positive.

The term 'to practice social distancing' that we hear on TV, radio, journals,etc. sounds like we are being focused to do something to keep ourselves from accessing what we really want to do. This sounds like to me a similar feeling to the one who is bullied by a manager. The one who is bullied is not able to express themselves fully, and feels powerless to do the right thing. Do you want to scream at your boss? Do you want to show your colleagues that your work is professional? All of a sudden when the overbearing boss criticizes and demeans, the bully feels anxiety, panic and uncertainty about the job....and social distancing for whatever reason we are asked to do this, in a different way, also leads to uncertainty, confusion and hysteria... a sense of powerlessness.

Keep focused on things that you did before the Coronavirus outbreak, and create a basic structure for yourself so that you can do things now, in this structured way. Do indoor projects that you always wanted to do, and see if this fulfills you-work against the loneliness, anxiety and depression.The bully will not succumb to the arrogant boss if there are supportive colleagues. Similarly accentuate the positive now and do the best you can as this virus diminishes.


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