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  • Clara Wajngurt

So You Want to Work in a Thriving Workplace?

How do you know when you work in a Thriving Workplace (Craig, 2019) ?

You see colleagues who love and engage in what they do.
You're in a workplace where people look forward.
You're in a workplace where you can express your feelings.
Your colleagues respect one another, and there exists a code of conduct and a bullying prevention policy.
You work in a place where people are empowered to perform at their best potential.

How is such a workplace cultivated? By having inspirational and motivated leaders. Such leadership occurs through your organizational hierarchy. When your leaders inspire passion, creativity, and innovation. Your company will see the bigger picture and embrace the future.

If you are a leader of a team---empower your team to use their experiences and skills to accomplish the team project. By incorporating diversity and inclusion one can reach  different talents and perspectives. In this way workplace bullying won't thrive in the workplace.


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