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Sexual Harassment Incidents Still Unresolved A Year Later

In the March 15, 2019 edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education, is an article titled, 'A Year After Charges of Sexual Harassment, What Has Harvard Done.' It describes that a prominent Harvard professor and former vice provost was accused of #sexually #harassing 18 women over several decades. The #university promised a complete investigation.

The current provost wrote in a campus-wide email, that Harvard 'will promptly and fairly pursue any claim of #sexual #harassment or assault brought forward to the full extent of its policies.' The dean assured the community that  'there would be a full and fair process of review.'

According to this article the process has not reached a conclusion.

It is important that these #investigations be followed through and resolved-so that we have faith in the system, #justice is served and the #targets can move forward.


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