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Sexual Assaults at Major Colleges is on the Rise

The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 8,2019) of last week discussed an article titled 48% of Female Undergrads at Duke Say They Were Sexually Assaulted While Enrolled. This is a very sharp increase from statistics gathered from surveys given out in 2016. In particular, 48% of  undergraduate women and 14% of undergraduate men who responded to the survey, said they had been sexually assaulted at Duke. These statistics rose 40% for women and 10% for men from 2016.The survey was sent to every undergraduate and graduate student at Duke over the age of 18. Sexual assault was defined on the survey to be 'any unwanted, non-consensual, sexual contact, including sexual  battery and rape.'

According to the  VP for student affairs at Duke, the university's statistics are similar to the statistics gathered by the Association of American Universities (AAU). In particular the AAU is recommending that colleges in the United States take the following steps to enhance support for victims, namely:

  • Developing interventions for specific student populations

  • Focusing on bystander interventions

More work is being done to survey our students at the various colleges.


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