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Self-Managed Teams Reduce Conflict

On the job many conflicts arise amongst team members. Sometimes the team is given an assignment by a supervisor, and the team doesn't know how to prioritize projects or react to certain assignments (Maimon,2017). Does the team leader go to the boss, or do you try to resolve the conflict amongst the team members?

A self-managed team focuses on the following points to resolve conflict:

1. Openly discuss different viewpoints-encourage openness and transparency.
2. When an unexpected solution occurs do not assign blame to the contributors closest to the problem or issue---instead investigate why the issue occurred in the first place, than assigning blame in any way. Appreciate the effort and input of all team members.
3. Be sure to have all team members participate in the resolution of issues-develop flexible schedules that work for everyone-so that everyone contributes to solutions. This will allow for positive conversations and feedback from everyone on the team.

In this way workplace bullying is minimized.


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