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School Bullying: We Cannot Tolerate This

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Recently, I read an article by Bela Ravi in which she described a story told by a 13-year old, by the name of Ofek, who talked about her being bullied by other children for six years, through ostracism and a. The claim being made by the 13-year old was that ' thousands of other people (like her) walk around  with broken souls that are silent in real time.'  Ofek made a video which describes her  six long and painful years.

Why is this happening? With children too? Something must be done to stop this bullying in younger children! Schools and parents must work together to prevent bullying both in their schools, and in their respective communities. Educators must learn to recognize and respond appropriately when they observe bullying, and to bring into the classroom bullying prevention lessons. These lessons can be extended beyond the classroom in order to help families distinguish when bullying occurs in their families and in their communities - ultimately leading to learning how to deal with this issue.


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