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Relationships between Workplace Bullying And Cardiovascular Disease

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I read an article recently about a research study being done in Denmark and Sweden, published in the European Heart Journal that dealt with the relationship between cardiovascular disease and workplace bullying and/or workplace violence.

Eighty-thousand adults aged 18-65 who did not have a history of cardiovascular disease claimed they were being exposed to violent actions or threats of violence at work.Keep in mind this could include  bystander observation as well as workplace bullying. In general. about nine percent (approximately 7,200) of the adults said they had been bullied on the job and about thirteen percent (approximately 400) said they had been 'exposed' to workplace violence.After a 12 year follow-up about 4% of this group affected by workplace violence on their job were diagnosed with heart disease or hospitalized for similar events like a heart attack or stroke.

Particularly it was found that for people bullied on their jobs 59% were more likely to develop heart disease or suffer from a heart attack or stroke than those people not bullied on their jobs.

This is not saying that workplace bullying and workplace violence cause cardiovascular disease.This says that workplace bullying and workplace violence are big stressors on the job that can possibly lead to cardiovascular disease. Amazing isn't it?

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