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Relationship Between COVID19 and Harassment

What's the relationship between COVID19 and harassment? Can there really be a connection?

The coronavirus pandemic has spread like lightning through the world affecting every organization and every facet of life. People are concerned about returning to work-travel-following proper hygiene and safety procedures. Do we ever do enough? As a result, our supervisors will recommend that we avoid people who are sick with coronavirus.

What does this accomplish? Colleagues on the job will be carefully watching others at work-how they look-what they are doing and how they are behaving. Feelings of anxiety and worry, or feelings about the general mental health of one's colleagues will be intensified. As a result of these attitudes, people's sensitivity to harassment will be heightened and someone on the job can be necessarily singled out.

It is important for supervisors to listen carefully to all the views of colleagues on the team, and to work towards a common awareness achieved through cooperation and collaboration with everyone. In  this way our colleagues will feel more appreciated,  and will feel confident their voices are being heard.


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