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Reasons to Implement Workplace Bullying Training

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

It is important for every workplace to provide #training for its workers so that sensitivity to possible workplace bullying incidents can be enforced.

First leadership development should integrate education concerning #workplace #bullying, including workplace bullying behaviors. Topics such as "how to recognize a bully" and "how to respond effectively to the bully's actions" should be included. Also, one should include education about psychologically safe interactions. For example, provide a set of resources of what to do when bullying occurs and how to help raise awareness of workplace bullying for management, union and all employees. This encourages everyone in the workplace to be treated with #civility.

Secondly, provide #conflict #resolution and emotional training management for all managers that deal with the mental health concerns of the employees as well as  managing their emotions.

Last but not least, managers and staff should be aware of the various leadership styles in your organization and how these #leadership styles can affect the existence of workplace bullying.

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