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Questions Before Opening Our Public Schools - No answers Yet

Do you really think the elementary and high schools

are ready for reopening?

With the coronavirus pandemic still around us, and mandates given by our governments to wear masks and personal protective equipment, obey social distancing, how can we enforce these procedures in our schools?...And there is constant talk about reopening the schools in the Fall.

The fact is that we cannot consider reopening schools unless we have first solved some of these important issues:

1. If I'm a working parent and my child tests positive for COVID19 at the school entrance, will my child return home with me? Sounds feasible.

2. Do we really think that students attending elementary and high schools will stay six feet from each other.? How do we discipline our children to do this?

3. That being said about social distancing-can students wear masks continuously-all day at school? How do we teach our children to do this-if adults cannot do this? Do children learn from one another?

4. Do you really think that classrooms which generally have about 25-30 students can accommodate six feet of social distancing?

5. Children generally sneeze,cough,talk with one another -how fast can the virus be spread from one child to another child? How about the speed at which the virus can travel from student to teacher? What about the teacher who has pre-health conditions or is immuno-compromised, or pregnant?

6. Do we really think that after school is over our children will continue to wear masks and personal protective equipment while meeting after-school friends? Do adults follow this, when meeting their friends?

7. How do we train our school professionals in the area of putting on personal protective equipment, and  in the area of infection control, from now till the Fall? Can this be done for real?

So many questions to answer - maybe you have suggestions?


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