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Psychological Repository for Bullying

When someone gets bullied, one's body succumbs to psychological stress and trauma. Tension, heart palpitations, high blood pressure readings, shuddering with fear and anxiety, overcome the person who is bullied. Very often the trauma that occurs at first, is not even fully recognized by the one who is bullied and the trauma in the meantime gets registered within our psyches becoming overwhelming and inescapable.

Trauma is a response to a deeply disturbing event that overwhelms an individual's ability to cope with everyday situations. It causes feelings of helplessness in such a way that one's sense of self, and ability to fully feel and experience one's emotions is diminished (Onderko, 2018). When a person is repeatedly bullied, the person will experience continuous negative reinforcement,

systematic abuse of power, ongoing intimidation and emotional pain. The feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, anger and fear are correlated with symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). That is, the person who is bullied may be experiencing and re-experiencing the traumatic event or circumstances surrounding the event, and thus has an intense desire to avoid anything associated with the traumatic event (Arzt, 2019).

So it is with this perception that trauma is 'stored in the body' (Eckelcamp, 2019). It is important to release this trauma through cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation, massage, or similar techniques. When such traumatic events occur, the autonomic nervous system takes over, and causes one to appear in a 'detached manner' and 'frozen state of mind'.'

It is important to find ways to release this 'frozen state of mind,' so that the person who is bullied feels empowerment and self-control. After relinquishing the fear, anger and resentment with the traumatized situation, we hope that the bullying trauma in general is eradicated, so that this person will better cope with life's events.


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