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Professor is Accused of Treating His Students Like Slaves!

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education (February 1,2019), an associate professor and chairperson,  Professor Mitra, in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, has resigned because he was accused of exploiting his graduate students all from India. 

Essentially Professor Mitra had pressured students into performing tasks like cutting his lawn, caring for his home while he was away and walking his dog. The students, all from India feared they would be kicked out of the university and lose their visas.

Nearly a dozen former students were interviewed by the administration of the university  about their relationship with this professor/chairperson and one particularly characterized his relationship with Professor Mitra as 'modern slavery.' Apparently, the administration knew the professor had made similar demands on his former students during his 24 years at the university and ignored complaints from students and colleagues, because of the millions of dollars this professor brought to the university in research grants. The university finally claimed that the professor mistreated 'vulnerable foreign students.' The professor denied doing any wrongdoing, and claimed that all work given to his students was related to their course of study. Justice has prevailed.


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