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Professor Fights With Peers

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Recently I read in the Chronicle of Higher Education (October 19, 2018) about a renowned professor of political and social theory at the New School in New York, who was penalized by the administration for 'noncollegial' behavior. Sometimes he would shout at his colleagues, and have 'explosive interactions' with them, carry grudges against people he worked with, and 'ratchet up tension in a faculty meeting.' He caused people to leave meetings, caused people to cry and caused an unnamed faculty member to cringe for fear of repercussions. 'He's a big guy.He has a loud voice. When he disagrees, he stands up, and raises his voice, and calls out the person's name.'

Finally after four decades of working here, the deputy provost wrote that the targeted professor had shown 'inappropriate, hostile and bullying  behavior.'

Why did it take so long for the college to wake-up and notice this? Colleges need to implement  a policy and procedures statement on bullying behavior. We need to be upstanders and report such behavior. We need to fight such behaviors in our academic and corporate environments.


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