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Pass The Harasser

Do you know of professors who commit sexual harassment at your university? A case occurs...the professor decides to resign quickly... gets a new job elsewhere at another university. This situation is known as  'pass the harasser.' It is now getting more attention by universities and  legal advocates.

Sometimes the college on the receiving end is aware of the professor's misconduct and hires the person anyway-especially if the professor is very credentialed in research, teaching and grants. In other cases the college on the receiving end does not know about the harassment committed by this professor at the former college, because this is private information, and the colleges will not share such information.

Sometimes colleges sign confidential settlement agreements with employees who  have committed harassment, thereby moving them on, without informing the institution on the receiving end, how this employee has behaved.

This situation is finally changing and state lawmakers are stepping in to change this law. It will take quite awhile to get this into effect (Chronicle of Higher Education, July 19,2019).


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