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  • Clara Wajngurt

Organizational Climate, Organizational Culture and Workplace Bullying

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Organizational climate and organizational culture seem very connected when dealing with acts of bullying. 

Organizational climate is a measure of  the quality, perceived by members in the organization-that is the atmosphere around you that employees perceive, and an evaluation of experiences within that particular work environment (Litwin & Stringer).The organizational climate reflects norms, attitudes, behaviors and feelings of an organization. For example a boss who is open to  change and innovative ideas or a boss who is perceived as threatening to change or controlling, is part of the organizational climate.Leadership style affects employee behavior as well as thinking and emotional responses to the workplace and affects the organizational climate.

Organizational culture is a measure of the quality of social interactions which develop particularly between interactions amongst the people in the group(James & McIntyre). The organizational culture deals with the distance between bosses and their colleagues; how organizational issues are dealt with through memos, reports, rules and regulations; are problems solved individually or in a shared manner; are there gender stereotypical roles amongst the bosses. How does the organization achieve its goals? How much autonomy do employees have? Is the  structure hierarchical and characteristic of rigid lines of communication?

Organizational climate is a perception of interactions, while organizational culture is a construct that actually guides behavior. In the middle of this is how workplace bullying affects organizational climate and organizational culture in the Academy and corporate world.

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