• Clara Wajngurt

Organizational and Safety Commitment

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Academic and corporate environments are continually searching for techniques to decrease risk exposure for their employees. The company's or university's approach to which safety standards are implemented and enforced can influence employee attitudes towards their organization as well as to themselves on a personal basis. Safety commitment deals with the management's efforts to show that safety is a priority in the workplace. This includes the end of workplace violence behaviors. Workplace commitment on the part of an employee can affect one's attitude or expression to workplace violence.. Organizational commitment deals with affection for your job, a fear of losing your job, or a sense of obligation to staying on the job. If one is a target of workplace violence one's organizational commitment to the job is not strong because management does not show a serious commitment to safety on the job.If management allows bullies to thrive on a job then the environment does not respect safety for its employees.

We need to encourage management to focus on safety procedures and policies that are implemented for their employees.

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