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More Toxic Behaviors Exhibited By Managers

Four specific behaviors exhibited by managers that contribute to a very toxic workplace include the following (Molly Fletcher, 2019):

1. Not celebrating the success of your team members - does your boss get excited if your colleague closes in on a big deal or makes an excellent contribution to a project? This may mean more money for your organization? Now why isn't your boss happy about the successes of the team. Could the boss feel threatened that his/her team member will ask him for a raise, or does your boss feel intimidated that maybe they should have closed in on the big deal? The boss ought to celebrate all wins - big and small!

2. Lack of trust - when your manager doesn't trust his team to get the job done-then it is possible for the manager's expectations to affect whether a team project moves forward or not. To avoid such mistrust, communicate with your team about what you are feeling and see how the team is approaching the issues and give constructive feedback.

3. Afraid of change - if your manager says--'we have always done this approach'--see if your manager is communicative and will think of using different approaches to solving a problem. Develop a line of communication with your manager so concerns are readily discussed.

4. All business all the time - separate your professional life from your personal life by making time for both. When people feel supported and understood in all aspects of their lives - they will feel more appreciated and enjoy their jobs.

Can you identify with such managers?


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