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Managers Who Exhibit Behaviors That are Toxic.(part 1)

Often companies and administrative environments struggle with managers who lack social skills and whose behavior is unstable, disparaging and critical towards their colleagues, especially those on the team working on a report or some common goal. Such behaviors damage the climate of the corporation or administrative setting, and the colleagues come to work in fear and feel disengaged. Often such colleagues are absent many days from their jobs, and if the absenteeism is consistent, the turnover rate for the corporation or administrative environment can be quite costly.

In general corporations and academia are not prepared to address managerial behavior that is destructive, and even if there are flimsy processes in place they are not effective when applied because such managers  try to exert control over their organizational climate What we need to do is to develop effective corporate guidelines and interventions that are reviewed periodically for dealing with corporate executives who express such unethical behavior,We will say more about this in another blog.

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