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Leave your Toxic Work Cultures

The other day I read an article on LinkedIn by Dr. Amina Aitsi - Selma, regarding the fact that the number one factor for why people leave their jobs, is that they cannot stand their toxic #work cultures. Research by Google indicated that 'work teams' that were formed on the job 'did not deliver- not because of ' non-existing talent nor resources of money,' but because of  psychological safety.

#Psychological safety refers to an #environment where '#competitiveness does not dominate, people don't talk over one another, people do not #devalue each other in order to improve their own standing, and where there is not a constant sense of #threat and #manipulative #politicking.

Who wants to work in such an environment?

If you are working in such an environment - get out for the sake of your psychological safety!

We need to work in environments where  we feel our work is valued and appreciated. Most of all we want to feel we have a positive impact on our professional team's challenges.

It is important for us to work in positive and nurturing climates.


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